The CUTC New Initiatives Program enables CUTC members to propose one-time or ongoing activities that advance the goals of the organization. Proposals can be submitted for activities that bring benefit to CUTC members through technology transfer, workforce development, and synthesis-type research.  Proposals for conducting research projects are not eligible for this program.

Examples of activities that could be proposed include:

  • A workforce development summit
  • A primer or webinar series to help post-secondary students improve their writing skills
  • travel scholarships
  • educational materials to expose future workforce to the breadth of transportation careers

Please download and utilize the template found HERE to submit your application.

Deadline: Friday, October 1, 2021 (passed, we are reviewing applications)

Submit to: Traci Ulberg, CUTC Executive Director,

Evaluation Criteria is as follows:

The selection committee will rate each of the four elements on a scale from 0 to 5, with 5 points being the highest score. The weights for each of the four criteria are provided below.

  1. The initiative supports the CUTC mission, highlights university research and education, and is consistent with the goals of the organization. Maximum 5 points; Weighting factor = 35%.
  2. The initiative benefits a significant component of CUTC members.
    (1 point for initiatives that benefit fewer than 20% of member universities; 2 points for initiatives that benefit between 20-40% of member universities; …., and 5 points for initiatives that benefit more than 80% of member universities). Maximum 5 points; Weighting factor = 35%.
  3. Budget justification.
    (0 for no justification provided; 3 for minimal but adequate justification provided; 5 for clear and comprehensive justification provided.) Maximum 5 points; Weighting factor = 10%.
  4. Applicant resources provided.
    (0 for no resources provided; 3 for modest amount of resources provided (10-40% of total); 5 for substantial amount of resources provided (50% or more). Maximum 5 points; Weighting factor = 20%.
  5. Are staff resources required from CUTC or other strategic partners, such as AASHTO, APTA, or Eno? These would include any resources not discussed in budget/budget justification.
    (If yes, please provide details.  Note that a discussion will take place during the CUTC EC meeting regarding the magnitude of resources needed and the implications on the CUTC budget before making a final funding decision.) Not part of scoring but factored into final decision by EC.

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