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CUTC’s membership consists of 90 of the nation’s leading university-based transportation centers. Collectively, CUTC members have advanced the state-of-the-art in all modes and disciplines of transportation. In doing so, the membership of CUTC has made significant and lasting contributions to the nation’s mobility, economy, and defense.

Member News & Hosted Events

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There are three CUTC membership application requirements:

  1. Read Article III (Membership) of the CUTC bylaws.
  2. Complete the CUTC membership application form.
  3. Provide a supporting letter with evidence that the organization meets the criteria outlined in Article III, sections A-E of the CUTC bylaws. (Also provided below):

To qualify for Membership, an organization must show evidence of the following:

  • It shall be an identifiable administrative organization of a department, college, university or university system that indicates a serious commitment to transportation research, education or technology transfer, or be directly affiliated with an aforementioned organization.
  • It shall have a director (or equivalent), confirmed in writing by a senior administrator, who devotes at least part-time to the work of the organization.
  • It shall have at least two other faculty or senior professional staff engaged in the conduct of transportation research, education or technology transfer.
  • There must be evidence of a statement of purpose, proposal or strategic plan for this organization.
  • It must provide for a continuing program with ongoing financing.

>> If you have questions, please feel free to contact Traci Ulberg, tulberg@mycutc.org.


CUTC is organized to exchange information on the various issues confronting university transportation centers in their respective universities and to provide a resource to universities aspiring to increase their role in transportation research, education, and technology transfer. CUTC desires to develop positions on policies or other activities that would have an impact upon the role of transportation centers in universities.

  • improve and enhance research and education in transportation and related areas,
  • provide a means by which problems common to transportation centers in universities can be discussed and clarified,
  • provide a mechanism for the joint consideration of problems of research methodology and the availability of data,
  • provide a medium through which transportation research and education may be enhanced and where information and opinions on problems emerging in transportation can be expeditiously exchanged,
  • provide a forum for better integrating and coordinating research with academic education, training and technology transfer, and
  • provide for meetings of CUTC for the discussion of those problems typically faced by the membership, both with respect to the subject matters of research, education, technology transfer, and with respect to problems of administration
  • develop strategies and organize activities to help promote interest in the field of transportation research to help assure a workforce for the future, and
  • recognize the outstanding work through awards (some financial) of the general membership of CUTC and award its students, faculty, administrators and others within the membership
  • The ability to nominate individuals for the prestigious CUTC awards including, the national student thesis/dissertation awards, the Cambridge Systematics New Faculty award, the CUTC Lifetime Achievement Awards, and the Administrative Leadership award. Membership of the nominee is a pre-requisite for consideration for these awards.
  • Recognition of new members through a formal announcement and introduction at the CUTC annual meeting.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the development of sessions and workshops at CUTC meetings to discuss and address specific research, administrative, and education challenges faced by the members of CUTC.
  • The opportunity to work with CUTC strategic partners such as ARTBA, APTA, AASHTO, and the Eno Foundation to raise the profile of university transportation research and education with institutions in both the public, private, and non-profit sectors.
  • Increased exposure from having a summary description of the center on the CUTC website as well as having the university’s research highlighted on the website.
  • The ability to post faculty and researcher positions on the CUTC website to help attract the desired talent to your university.
  • The opportunity to meet with state, federal, and industry leaders at CUTC meetings, the TRB dinner banquet, and at other networking events organized by CUTC to aid in the development of relationships that are vital to professional growth and opportunities for collaboration.
  • CUTC membership also provides the benefit of belonging to ARTBA’s Research and Education Division with access to ARTBA resources. The digital ARTBA “Washington Newsline,” “Transportation Builder” magazine, and other email communications will provide information to better understand how developments in the Nation’s Capital could impact transportation development and research. There is also access to ARTBA safety information, updates on federal policies and regulations, and ARTBA’s cutting-edge economic reports. Students may also join for free.
  • Students at universities that are CUTC members will be permitted to attend conferences of the American Public Transportation Association without the need to pay registration fees.
  • CUTC members will also be able to participate in the CUTC Listserv which will allow frequent and flexible web-based communications among members who wish to seek or share information on any item of interest to university transportation centers.

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