CUTC Webinars

CUTC strives to continually improve the transportation industry through compelling and relevant information. We choose current issues for our webinars and encourage conversation to shape future sessions.

Member Hosted Events

We list our meetings and our Strategic Alliance Partners’ annual meetings and conferences on our Events Calendar. We highlight our members’ smaller events on our social media platforms and list-serv. Be sure to follow us on your favorite platform, to stay up to date on current webinars and events.

CUTC Summer Meeting

The 2024 CUTC Summer Meeting will be taking place in South Padre Island, Texas. June 10-12, 2024.

CUTC Winter Meeting

Each year CUTC hosts a winter membership meeting and Awards Banquet in Washington, DC. Overlapping with TRB, the Awards Banquet celebrates the important benefits of federal investment in university transportation research – specifically the outstanding students and faculty who contribute to transportation research and education through this important program.