The Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) was established in 1979 by the major transportation research centers and institutes in the United States. CUTC provides a forum for the Universities and Centers to interact collectively with government and industry.

Mission Statement: Promote university research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer as essential to the nation’s transportation system.

Vision Statement: To raise the profile of university research and education, so that university transportation centers are recognized and called upon for the knowledge creation, innovative research, and education necessary to have the best transportation system in the world.


The roots of CUTC may be traced to 1971 federal legislation that called for the Secretary of Transportation to establish Centers of Excellence in Transportation Studies. The program was generic and cut across disciplines and modes. In 1974, the directors of some of the nation’s leading university-based transportation research centers met in Dallas to discuss common interests, including securing federal funding for university transportation centers.


CUTC desires to strengthen the role of transportation research and its role in education. CUTC recognizes that there are different levels of commitment to transportation research and education within the university and college environment. The type of organizational structure developed by a university to carry out its role in transportation research and education often suggests its level of commitment.

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